Our Products


DMF’s RW Series Railgear has fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. The Rail Guides and undercarriage assembly weigh less and the design is more compact than other models.


The DMF Roto-180 is a rotating dump body that permits its user to deposit the contents of the bed within a 180 degree arc. Raildogs are used to prevent shifting loads on a DMF Roto-180 while dumping ballast or a boom truck doing heavy trackside picks.


The DMF Remote Control system can be installed on virtually any truck with air brakes and that has a manual or Allison automatic transmission.


DMF offers three types of mid-mount railgear for those applications which require a shorter rail-wheelbase than our standard railgear provide for a given chassis.


Our excavator and custom railgear applications are designed to take the punishment of heavy duty work. Steel wheels store below the frame in the highway position avoiding interference with other vehicle functions.


Chippers, Trailers and Cart Axles can serve your specialty needs by providing utility, reliability and functionality. Chances are if it rolls, we can put it on rails safely at DMF.