The DMF Remote Control System is a productivity-enhancing addition to any truck which allows its user to drive a hi-rail vehicle on track from a location other than the driver’s seat. From the remote station the operator has control over all the truck functions needed to move the vehicle forward and backward on rail without leaving the workstation. Functions available at the remote station include service brake, spring brake release, engine throttle, clutch operation, forward / reverse gear selection, PTO control, air horn, and engine restart.

Most functions are electric or “electric-over-pneumatic” using 12V electrical signals to operate truck equipment either directly or via a bank of air valves located in the cab. Air from the valve bank is used to actuate functions either directly or by means of several cylinders installed on the chassis. A proportional hand-operated air valve is used for service brake application allowing for finer direct control and brake feathering.

We now offer a wireless option to allow for continuous rotation! Please call DMF for more information.