Want to be on our Service Center List?

DMF offers technical courses to familiarize shops with our products.


DMF’s Service Department maintains a list of service centers that have become familiar with our product. This list enables our Service Department to recommend a repair facility to a customer when they are in need. All classes are conducted at our facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Please see below for registration details.


The Service School deals with FRA requirements along with maintenance, troubleshooting and adjustments of DMF Products. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a DMF Certificate for Inspection & Service.


  • Inclusion on the Service Center List on the DMF web site
  • Full access to DMF personnel and resources


DMF Inspection and Service School registration cost is $300 per session.  Due to limited class sizes, we request that you do not send more than 2 employees per location to an individual session.

Our training class will train you on DMF Railgear only.  For hi-rail equipment from other manufacturers, you will need to contact them for training.

The DMF class will equip you with the knowledge to inspect and service DMF Railgear.  The DMF class will not educate you about inspecting or servicing hi-rail equipment manufactured by any company other than DMF.

Class will be held from 9 am – 1 pm.

Wear shop appropriate attire and work boots (steel toe not required).
Our shop is not climate-controlled so please check local Atlanta temperatures and dress accordingly.
You DO NOT need to bring tools or other equipment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (404) 875-1512 or via email (training@dmfatlanta.com).

NOTE: DMF maintains a list of service centers whose personnel have attended our training classes. We cannot guarantee the work or services provided by any third-party service centers. It is the certificate holder’s responsibility to remain current on DMF’s products and procedures.


Click here for more information regarding how to get here and where to stay.