DMF Roto-180 Subframe

The DMF roto-180 subframe is a rotating dump body that allows the operator to deposit its load anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lays the hydraulically actuated subframe equipped with:

  • Two-piece structure design contains a ball bearing that lets the dump body rotate about the truck frame. Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders used to lift and rotate the dump body.
  • The standard subframe can accept 10′ long, 5-7 cubic yard, 12′ long, 10-12 cubic yard and 14′ long, 12-14
    dump bodies;
  • Standard manifold with cab mounted toggle switches, controls the lift, rotation and tailgate functions.
  • Optional PVG Valve system (as seen in picture) is equipped with joystick controls and provides a smooth operation of the rotation and lift cylinders.
  • Built-in safety features allow tailgate release at 22 degrees, dump body height is restricted at 40 degrees and a swing alarm sounds during dump rotation.