Roto-180 Rotating Dump Body

Combining the high-quality dump body and DMF manufactured subframe, the DMF Roto-180 System permits its user to deposit the contents of the bed anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lies its hydraulically actuated sub-frame which is the heart of the Roto-180. It is a two-piece structure that joins the truck and dump body by means of a massive, durable 43″ industrial roller bearing. The sub-frame also houses multiple hydraulic cylinders and a custom-designed manifold that controls the lift, swing, and tailgate release functions via an in-cab panel. The standard Roto-180 is a 12′ long, 10-12 cu. yd. dump body. There are also options for 10′ long, 5-7 cu. yd. and 14′ long, 12-14 cu. yd. models.

  • Chassis Requirements

    The following information is furnished to establish the general chassis guidelines for installation of a DMF Roto-180, rotating sub-frame. It is not intended to be a complete truck specification sheet. Consult with DMF or your truck equipment dealer to assure that all equipment will operate safely with the chassis you are ordering.

    When purchasing a chassis for a DMF Roto-180, please keep the following information in mind:

    For a standard 12′ long 10-12 cu. yd. body to be mounted on a chassis having a standard tandem rear suspension, a minimum CT of 87″ is required. The truck will also need sufficient after frame to mount the rear railgear bracket.

    The truck will also require a PTO and hydraulic pump capable of producing approximately 21 gpm flow at 2,000 psi. The truck should also have a 25-gallon hydraulic reservoir and a suction filter to keep the system clean. An underframe exhaust system is preferred. However, some stack systems are acceptable if they do not obstruct the cab shield and allow rotation of the dump-body past the cab.

    Raildogs are required when the DMF Roto-180 is used in conjunction with RW-1630 railgear. Manual raildogs require 16″ of clear frame in front of the rear tires for mounting and operation. Hydraulic raildogs need 24” of clearance. Battery boxes and/or fuel tanks may need relocation to accommodate raildog installation.

    Refer to DMF Roto-180 general specifications for more information.

  • Optional Features
    • Elliptical Dump Body
    • Bed mounted vibrator
    • Spare tire carrier
    • Fixed trailer hitch w/ 7 way
    • Fenders & mud flaps for tandem
    • Skirt Covers
    • Hi-lift tailgate
    • Hardox Flooring
    • removable spreader chutes
    • One manual coal door in tailgate
    • Electric Tarp
    • Manual Tarp
    • Stirrup step
    • Hinged/Drop Ladder
    • Folding ladder (DMF Standard)
    • Swing steps
    • Strobe lights
    • Joystick controls for manifold
    • Wireless controls for manifold
    • Tethered outside controls for manifold
    • Backup alarm – 98 dba
    • Proportional joystick controls w/ 3-section PVG
    • Proportional joystick controls w/ 4-section PVG
    • Proportional joystick controls w/ 5-section PVG (for hydraulic rail dogs)
    • Wireless controls for proportional Roto
    • Wireless Remote Control + In Cab controls (in cab controls are required with wireless for Safety and emergency’s)
    • Hydraulic Package -Automatic Transmission & Controls
    • Rail dogs manual
    • Rail dogs hydraulic
    • Whisker Switch (raildog indicator light)
    • Work lights for dogs
    • Fuel tank (2) and Tool box
    • Additional fuel tank w/ transfer pump
    • Hose and reel upgrade
    • Diesel tank w/ electric pump – 100gal
    • Tool Box
    • Paint – Ox Body
    • Paint – Urethane or Epoxy
    • Paint – Custom
    • Reflective Tape


Standard Dump Body Specification

  • 12’ subframe weight: 2180 lbs.
  • Standard 12’ dump body: 6100 lbs.
  • 14’ subframe weight: 2690 lbs.
  • Standard 14’ dump body: 6290 lbs.
  • 12’ dump body is 144” long and 40” high walls with optional side board pockets
  • 14’ dump body is 168” long and 46” high walls with optional side board pockets. See
  • Section 5 for other body options.
  • Apron – 30” long and full width of body, ¼” thk steel, fixed side plates and hinged to
  • dump body
  • Inside width – 85”
  • Tailgate height – varies
  • Floor thickness – ¼”
  • Side walls – 10 gauge 50,000 PSI yield steel
  • Side braces – 10 gauge steel
  • Tailgate – high tensile steel with formed top rail and boxed reinforcements
  • Cross members – 3” x 2” x 11 gauge rectangular tubing
  • Longitudinal members – 6” x 2” x ¼” rectangular tubing

Hydraulic Requirements

  • Power Source: PTO/pump combination
  • System Requirements: 21 GPM at 2,000 PSI
  • Reservoir Capacity: 25 gal minimum

Rotating Sub-frame & Hoist

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 60,000 lbs.
  • Hoist Speed: 50 Secs. to 40° Unloaded
  • Floor Height Above Frame Rail: 19″ for 14’ Body, 18.5” for 12’ Body
  • Dump Angle: 40°
  • Hoist Cylinder: Telescoping (3 Stage Single Acting)
  • Hoist Cylinder Bore/Stroke: 6-5-4 x 111”
  • Turning Speed: 1/2 RPM
  • Swing Actuator: Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Thrust Bearing: Diameter — 43″
  • Moment Load — 120,000 ft.-lbs.
  • Hydraulic Valves: Manifold/PVG Valve Block

Safety Features

  • The ROTO 180 system has built in safety features to keep personnel safe and equipment
  • functioning properly. The tailgate is set to automatically release at 22° to prevent sudden
  • shifts in load that could tip over the truck. This function may be overridden by the operator at
  • any time however at their own risk. The dump body is restricted to a 40° lift angle to prevent
  • overextending the hoist cylinder and damaging the rear of the truck and rear Railgear. A swing
  • alarm sounds whenever the dump body is rotated. A safety strut is provided for use when servicing the dump body.

The DMF ROTO 180 system is a rotating dump body that allows the operator to deposit its load anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lays the hydraulically actuated subframe.

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