RW-1650G are railgear applications designed to take the punishment of heavy-duty excavation work. The 16 inch diameter forged steel guide wheels store below the frame in the highway position avoiding interference with other vehicle functions. The railgear mounts via blade replacement connection or mounting on the outriggers via bulkhead application.

The DMF RW1630/50G is a unique railgear designed for a unique machine. The Gradall Rough Terrain series allows for highway travel and railroad capability in one machine. The front railgear is our standard RW1630 truck mounted gear modified for this application. The rear is a RW1650G assembly which incorporates the gear into a tight, bulkhead mounted package. This is a perfect application for your short track time needs.

DMF’s RW-1650GX rail gear is designed to meet and exceed the operator expectations during the demanding excavation work. A key upgrade is the location of the slotted links which have been moved outbound over the guide wheels from the old location closer to the center of the axle. This change has much improved impact on side load stability while moving through switches and crossings. In addition, loading capacity is improved while working over the side of the rail. For more information on load charts, please contact us.