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Doc # Issue Date Title Units Affected
SB-2040 1/10/05 RW-1013 Wheel Modification Kits RW-1013
SB-2042 2/17/05 RW-1013 Railwheel Bearing Hardware & Adjustment (superseded by SB-2045) RW-1013
SB-2043 3/14/05 RW-1013 Electrical Protection – Pin-Off System (superseded by SB-2048) RW-1013
SB-2044 4/13/05 RW-1013 Electrical Protection – Hydraulic Pumps (superseded by SB-2048) RW-1013
SB-2045 7/22/05 RW-1013 Railwheel Bearing Hardware & Adjustment (supersedes SB-2042) RW-1013
SB-2047 4/24/06 RW-1019 Washer Issue for 2005 and Newer Ford F-450/550’s (revision A) RW-1019
SB-2048 9/12/06 RW-1013 Pump Protection Circuit Breakers (supersedes SB-2043 and SB-2044) RW-1013
SB-2049 12/27/06 RW-1019 Long Arm Slots Issues for 2005-2006 Ford F-450/550’s RW-1019
SB-2050 3/27/07 RW-1013 Tire Pressure Monitoring & Speedometer Settings RW-1013
SB-2051 8/13/07 RW-1019 Long Arm Slots Issues for 2005-2008 Ford F-450/550’s RW-1019
SB-2052 10/8/08 Locking Valve Leakage on Rear Railgear All except RW-1013
SB-2062 7/29/11 RW-1015 Locking Valve & Orifice Disc Interference RW-1015
SB-2064 9/15/11 Axle Bracket Reinforcement – RW-1015 RW-1015
SB-2077 7/24/19 RW-1013 Alignment & Weight Setting Corrections RW-1013/HD

ROTO 1080:

Doc # Issue Date Title Units Affected
SB-2039 3/28/03 Roto 180 Swing Cylinder Replacement Roto 180
SB-2046 1/25/06 Roto 180 Hitch Structure Reinforcement Roto 180


Doc # Issue Date Title Units Affected
SB-2071 4/3/15 Wireless Remote Drive Antenna Cable Isolation REMOTE

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