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Doc # Issue Date Title Units Affected
TRB0003 5/2/12 Inspection & Service For 1630 & 1650 Two-Piece Wheels RW-1630/1650
TRB0006 Rev.A 2/26/2016 Freightliner M2 106 Front End Conversion Freightliner M2 106 w/ 8 in. bolt-on front frame extension
TRB0007 10/6/14 Inspection of Swing Frame RW-1013/1013HD
TRB0008 5/8/15 International 4000 Series “Low Profile” Front Railgear Installation RW-1420
TRB0009 Rev.B
4/26/2019 Pickup Trucks Compatible With Railgear All pickup or “pickup box delete” trucks with DMF Railgear
TRB0011 Rev.A 2/26/2016 Front Tire Clearance Above Rail on RW-1630/1650/1420/1212 RW-1630, RW-1630UC, RW-1650BC, RW-1420, or RW-1212
TRB0012 5/17/2018 Speedometer & TPMS Changes via FORScan 2017+ Ford Superduty Pickup Models with DMF Wheel Modification Kits
TRB0013 5/31/2018 Roto 180 Proportional Control Joystick Programming Proportional Roto 180 trucks w/ joystick control (2015+)

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