Auxiliary Equipment


DMF Chipper Railgear is designed for use with tow behind the truck industrial wood chippers such as Vermeer and Bandit. The Railgear is hydraulically activated diverting power from the chipper’s hydraulic pump. Clearing brush adjacent to the track or disposing debris left by a Canopy Cutter, the Industrial Wood Chipper with DMF Chipper railgear makes a difficult task much easier.


DMF offers railgear that is designed to use on trailers. Either one or two sets of rear railgear are installed directly onto the trailer’s frame, lifting the trailer wheels off the track. The railgear deploys vertically with an articulated dual scissor action that allows each side of the railgear to be moved independently. It gives operators a greater margin for aligning the trailer to the track which speeds and simplifies the process of getting the trailer on rail.