Dmf Railgear RW-2300HS

The DMF RW-2300HS system allows customers to install and operate independently of the vehicle transmission. With a 33,000lb GAWR, the front hydrostatic system can be mounted forward of the front tandems and in special applications, behind the cab. DMF’s standard RW-1650 rear gear to finish off your next application. Full wireless control operates the motorized front axle without having to integrate into the vehicle. The system will operate up to 7mph in creep mode and disengage for up to 25mph freewheel.

System Design

  • For system redundancy, an optional 12 VDC emergency pump can be engaged automatically for freewheel mode.
  • Wheel speed sensor with overspeed alarm for free-wheel mode
  • Peripheral wireless control system
  • 88,000 lbs GCWR on 2% grade (assuming 20,000 lbs on hyd. axle)
  • 200,000 lbs GCWR on level rail

System Requirements

  • Truck capable of Front Engine PTO (FEPTO)
  • Axial piston pump supplied by DMF – 5,000 psi at 26 gpm (up to 7 mph creep potential)
  • Minimum 10 gallons hydraulic tank (if no other hydraulic equipment)
  • Optional: Cooling system for intensive usage
  • Contact DMF for vehicle compatibility