In some installations, 1019B applications do tie in, DMF now offers an updated alternative to our popular 1019 railgear. 1019B rear railgear is a compact design which straddles the rear fuel tank and eliminates the need for frame extensions. When deployed, the rear railgear axle is positioned very close to the vehicle’s tires for maximum curvature performance. 1019B front railgear offers improved front ground clearance and requires minimal front bumper extension. These improvements result in a more functional, maneuverable, and aesthetically pleasing completed vehicle. This design was specifically created to accommodate the standard rear-mounted fuel tanks on most chassis. 1019B railgear features a unique swinging deployment path that offers the reassurance of a true over-center design at both the front and rear. Locking safety pin-offs are easily actuated from the bumpers. 1019B railgear installations do not tie into the vehicle suspension, require no welding to the truck frame, and make use of factory frame hole locations where possible.