DMF RW-1013 railgear is designed for application to pickup and SUV chassis from 8,000 to 11,500 lbs. GVWR. Chassis up to 11,500 can be accommodated with our extended payload package. It is only applicable to vehicles with single rear wheels. RW-1013’s adjustable suspension, easy operation, and numerous safety and convenience features provide a smooth and sure ride.

The RW-1013 railgear typically stows within the length of the vehicle, eliminating the maneuvering and parking problems long associated with hi-rail vehicles. Without railgear protruding in front and behind, working around the vehicle is easier than ever. Access to the truck bed or rear hatch is not affected.

RW-1013 is hydraulically operated from a control panel in the cab or by switches at the front and rear of the vehicle. A rotary actuator moves the railgear from the nearly hidden stowed position to the rail position in seconds.

RW-1013 uses a rubber torsion suspension at each guidewheel to improve on-rail ride and negotiate track features such as guarded frogs. Steel tread guide wheels are available.

On RW-1013 equipped vehicles, all vehicle tires ride on the rail allowing the railgear to be lighter, minimizing the impact on payload. This requires aftermarket wheel kits on full-sized pickups and cab chassis. The smaller Toyota 4Runner can be used with factory wheel/tire offerings.