Roto-180 Rotating Dump Body

The DMF Roto-180 is a rotating dump body that permits its user to deposit the contents of the bed anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lies its hydraulically actuated sub-frame which is the heart of the Roto-180. It is a two-piece structure that joins the truck and dump body by means of a massive, durable 43″ industrial roller bearing. The sub-frame also houses multiple hydraulic cylinders and a custom-designed manifold that controls the lift, swing, and tailgate release functions via an in-cab panel. The standard Roto-180 is a 12′ long, 10-12 cu. yd. dump body. There are also options for 10′ long, 5-7 cu. yd. and 14′ long, 12-14 cu. yd. models.